poop is pretty

if you cringe at the word 'p-double o-p' like my sister, i encourage you to resist the urge to leave this page and read on.  if you think about about it, our bodies are amazing!  the fact that they can magically transform stuff that we eat into energy and discard the crap that they don't need is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, so by association that makes poop amazing too.  as part of my recent adventures in cleansing i tested out colon hydrotherapy (aka colonics).  luckily my yoga pal, gina mikan is an expert, so i was in good and familiar hands, which to me was important, especially since the procedure is more intimate than a bikini wax

after a 7-day juice cleanse, i went for it.  for answers to some of the top questions (at least on my mind) read my post on examiner that includes a mini interview with gina!  and now for the nitty gritty details of my first ever colonic:

  1. Was I nervous?  you betcha - but gina and i got to chatting and it wasn't so bad after the 'insertion' part which was literally over in like 10 seconds (gina's good - gets in there quick, making it painless without the awkwardness).
  2. how did it feel?  it felt like i had a lot of gas when the water was going in.  at certain points gina would massage my belly to help get the water further along into the intestinal track.
  3. was it embarassing?  surprisingly no. we cracked a few potty jokes and moved on to more regular conversation.  the weird thing was during the release, because it was basically like going to the bathroom with a friend in the room.  thankfully, the noise and odor are contained since the system is closed.  
  4. what happens after?  immediately after the procedure, you hit the b-room.  where i stayed for a good 20 minutes - mostly paranoid more than anything else that i would have an accident on the subway ride home.  (i'm happy to report no accidents!)  i did a lot of side twists which really did help move things along.
  5. how did i feel?  i felt really light, empty but in a good way. i also felt like the combination of sleep, juicing and the colonic helped my skin start to clear up (translation: i need to do this more often).


in a nutshell, if you're in nyc and curious about colonics, i highly recommend gina!  she talks you through everything that's happening, doesn't make you feel awkward and she has the best rates around (at least from my research - and if you know me, i hunt high and low for a deal) - $90 for the first sesh, $85 for returning.  check out her website exhalehealingarts.com.