sweaty betty struts her stuff

new to the us market, i was honored to get to e-interview the founder of sweaty betty, tamara hill norton, for examiner.com (for the full interview go here). 

i also got a chance to sample her new autumn 2011 collection. while made with a great quick-wicking fabric, that provides support, it is also flattering on the female form (read: no sausage effect- as in you are being encased in a sausage).  as a result, i am newly obsessed with my 'athlete tank' which has quickly replaced my old gnarly wife beaters (no offense - domestic violence is a serious matter and this is not meant to poke fun, it has just become the common term for this type of tank amongst my people).  i love that after class - even a sweaty class - my tank top doesn't look like sweat was even a possiblity and also unlike my ol' cotton hanes boy undershirts (read: wife beaters), it maintains its shape, not getting soggy or stretched out. 

sweaty betty is said to be gearing up for the london olympics, so i'm interested to see what comes next.