sweet salve-ation

essential oils. love them. they're perfectly pretty in their natural state.  they come from lovely flowers and plants that have built-in superpowers.  but like other oils, they can be messy in my bag when i'm on the go...

so i was thrilled to find mj's herbal salves at a local health food store in the east village in nyc (no fret, you can get them online too).  think essential oil in a balm.  they combine amazing essential oils with a natural base of vitamin e, olive oil and beeswax, so you can say hello to moisture while breathing in the subtle scent for a mental massage. 

currently i use the lavendar e salve in class to help  settle into savasana because new yorkers sometimes need a little extra help to fully relax. there are five flavors in total for everything from pain relief to perking up boobies.