play pretty

recently i discovered the uber pretty and functional clothing line called 'play' by sarah reilly.  here's an e-interview with sarah, the designer herself(!) for the inside scoop!

jp:  what was the first thing you ever designed and called your own?  how old were you?
sr:  the first real deal thing I ever designed was a bed for myself that my father made, I was 13.  It had a canopy and bookshelves and really cool light fixtures all incorporated.  My father carved the Gertude Stein quote "a rose is a rose is a rose"  all around the bottom, (my middle name is Rose.)  I felt like a princess sleeping in that bed every night.

jp:  what is one of your go-to inspirations for creativity?
sr:  I cannot point to one thing in particular, but I will say that the rhythms found in nature are a constant source of wonder for me.  Evolution is an extremely elegant process of defining and refining that is awe inspiring.

jp:  your clothing says made in ny, but where exactly and by who?
sr:  The manufacturer I use is called INstyle USA.  They produce product for brands such as Rogan and The Row.  They are extremely good at what they do and are truly the last of the Mohicans in the New York market.  

jp:  how long has 'play' been a reality for you (read: in business)?
sr:  Play has been in business for approximately 2 years now, though I spent a year before that setting up the business and designing product.

jp:  what's next at play?
sr:  I'm constantly attempting to refine our product, get the fabrics exactly right and update our styles in so that they serve the needs of our customers in surprising and subtle ways.  We will perhaps be adding an small line of silk dressed and shirts to expand the Play girl's wardrobe and bring a bit more elegance to her aesthetic.

jp:  are you a yogi?
sr:  Yes, indeed.  I have an Ashtanga yoga practice that I'm in love with.  I am actually a certified instructor, but I prefer to design than teach at the moment.  Who knows what the future will bring though!

in a nutshell, sarah = a super cool and creative woman to be watched.  i am excited to see what's next and to wear some of her groovy gear (pics to come) which is practical on and off the yoga mat.