7,000 bracelets for hope

inspired by all of the pretty beads on happy mango beads, i am setting out to create some of my own jewerly - that's right, i'm getting crafty!  first on my list is a mala/meditation bracelet.  since i can't really wear metal jewlery (without having some allergic reaction), i was stoked about their wide assortment of beautiful beads that are also budget-friendly.

h.m.b. is also a group of do-gooders and are involved with 7,000 bracelets for hope, to help create a greater awareness of under recognized, rare diseases and disorders.  they have partnered up with the global genes project in this “Campaign Celebrating Rare Kids.”  currenlty, there is a lack of awareness and funding for cures.  the goal of this campaign is simple -  provide 7,000 afflicted children with the gift of a denim blue bracelet, as a reminder that they have not been forgotten.