brow beauty (plus a free upgrade for NYC readers)

beauty comes from within, that's for sure.  but sometimes even inner beauty can't help the mistakes of the eager novice.   what am i talking about?  eyebrows.  my eyebrows. 

as a teen, i clearly had no idea what to do with them other than that i should tweeze them... and tweeze them i did - pretty much until i was sporting the whoopie goldberg look (read: no brow hair).  it wasn't until i started working at shobha that someone actually told me to stop this form of self-mutilation.  who knew?!  i surely didn't.  thankfully, it's about 8 years since that pivotal moment in time when my brows took a turn for the better.  and i have my team at shobha to thank.  and you can do it too. 

here are some tips for overpluckers:

  1. throw out your tweezers (you'll be tempted, trust me).
  2. seek professional help (said person actually knows what she is doing).
  3. have patience (the growing out period can be awkward but usually it's more mental than anything else - as in, you're the only one who notices).
  4. if you did the crime, give it time (my brows took about 3 months until they fully recovered).
  5. stick with it (you'll be surprised how much your brows can improve your look - i was).



enjoy this free upgrade with my compliments and visit a level 2 specialist at shobha for the price of a level 1!  yes, yes, it's a deal - because i love deals, and i love sharing them :)

make sure to enter my name (Jennifer Pesce) in the 'where did you hear about us?' question.  and show them this blog post or tell them you have the magical code (UPGRADETM).  et voila, designer brows for less.


(offer expires 12.31.2011)