satya sample sale + secret early access code #truth

what's better than a sample sale?  one that's online (read: no crowds) and one where you get first dibs (the best stuff always sells out first).

satya, the tiffany's of the yoga world, is having one of its far and few between sample sales!

Dates: July 23 – 25
What: necklaces, bracelets and earrings up to 50% off with exclusive pieces created just for the sale.

the yogadeal:  early access to the sample sale starts at 10 am EST on Sunday, July 22, enter the code "shopfirst" to get in on the action.  what do you do until then?  mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone of course.



pretty pal: nadya andreeva

my amazingly smart, fit and super healthy friend, nadya, was recently a speaker at the ted talks - yes those elite, genius presentations that are all over youtube - so if that doesn't certify her as awesome, nothing will.  i first learned that nadya was presenting about a month and a half ago, but sadly i did not attend and the youtube videos don't go live right away - but now hers is!  so be sure to watch the video and check out nadya's website, spinach and yoga, where she discusses yoga, healthy living and how to use ancient ayurveda in a modern world.  in the video she demonstrates the art of nuali and talks about poop - yes, poop.  or more importantly, healthy digestion and how to get things moving.


pretty places & poses: katonah yoga & mandala vinyasa

today i finally got around to checking out the (somewhat) new studio, katonah yoga, in nyc.  it's located on the cusp of chelsea and the meat packing district on a rather quiet block with shady trees (a nice reprieve from the 90+ degrees that nyc has been for the past week).  the studio is quite, with a lightness to it - probably due to the very white, but also very soothing decor - my favorite part being the sky blue ceilings and honeycomb-esque cubbies for your stuff.  i took david reglin's class, which was as always an intelligent sequence that kept me focused, with a few sprinkles of sarcastic humor. today's class was an especially sweaty, slow flow. basically it was perfect for the hot weather and for slowing down the week. 

since i purchased the new student 3 class pack (3 classes for $30; mat included), after class i began browsing the website to check out the other instructors on the roster.  that's when i stumbled upon this youtube video of taylor flynn.  i'm not really going to say more much about it other than it mixes mandalas and yoga magic.  yes. magic.  happy weekend!

pretty place: shobha columbus circle

the reason for my radio silence the past week or so is that i've been part of a team that has been working on opening the newest shobha salon! 

last wednesday, 5/30, we moved our columbus circle location across the street to our new diggs at 1790 broadway in manhattan.  we are now on the 18th floor which is sooooo much sunnier and you can even get some pretty sweet views of new jersey on a clear day!  this summer come check out the new space and get your hair removal taken care of while you're at it! 

plus a yogadeal - ask to see minu, our newest specialist and get 20% off your treatments.  the service may take a little bit longer than our standard speediness, but if you're on a budget it's a great option!

pretty pal: heather (aka @mrshoh)

can you guess who is who? (i'm on the right; @mrshoh is on the left) today marks the 32nd anniversary of my life with my bestie - well at least when we let everyone else in on the conversation that had already been going on for about 10 months prior. yes, i'm talking about my real life twin. 

born at a healthy 7lbs+ each (special shout out to my mama for carrying around 15lbs of baby - especially those 2 extra weeks past your due date), heather and i emerged into the world 6 minutes apart.  to answer your questions, yes, identical (before the days of fertility drugs), natural birth, i'm older and heather was breech, claiming she kicked me out.

the past 3+ decades (yikes!) have been a whirlwind, with most days spent, at some capacity, together. 

thanks for sharing the journey with me, heather, including but not limited to making up our own pretend language, getting crafty, honing my combat skills, telling it to me straight, and the uncontrollable bouts of belly-aching laughter.

love you lots, lil sis - happy birthday :)

pretty pal: yulady saluti

a passion for life and love, living the modern day brady bunch, at 32 years young, my pretty pal yulady saluti, is a mother, a wife, a yogini and now a fighter of breast cancer.  it's been a while since i've seen yulady, but with the recent news about her diagnosis, the whole saluti family has been constantly on my mind. while faced with the news that she will need a double masectomy and more test results to come in the next few days, i wanted to ask everyone to keep yulady in your thoughts and prayers or however else you can send postivity her way.

i first met yulady at my teacher training back in 2010 (wow, how time has flown!) at strala and we've remained pals ever since.  she has an infectious personality and is always filled with boundless energy and smiles.  so please keep her in your thoughts to help her stay strong and to continue smiling, even during the really tough moments!

yulady (and her family) has embraced the news with such courage, it's truly admirable.  this super strong mama is chronically her journey daily via youtube updates.

my strala pals! (yulady is on the far right)

pretty pal: allison lind

allison lind makes the art of dwelling pretty effortless.  she herself is gorgeous and like the mighty midas, everything she touches turns that way too.  behind all of that beauty are the brains required for such great style.  this pic is of a recent project she just completed, which she describes as: 

"a 1500-square-foot, 2 bedroom apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side, designed for a far-too-hard-working single dad who's a lover of art and all-things modern. (The second bedroom doubles as an office and has comfy lounge chairs that fold out into twin beds for when his kids come to stay.)"

check out her pretty self and all of the pretty spaces she's created at

would love to see her design a yoga space, just sayin.... (hint, hint, wink, wink)

bb beautiful skin

after surviving another international beauty show (think: a carnival/circus of hair stylists and spa people), i'm sold on bb cream. 

the newest trend on the beauty scene, bb cream is great if you really prefer minimal maintenance when it comes to your daily makeup routine.  the truth is i don't have perfectly flawless skin - that, and i'm also an ingredient snob, meaning i'm always on the hunt for quick, easy fixes for my face with the best stuff in them. 

after purusing trade show aisles, i came upon alex, a brand based out of queens (nyc) that carries organic bb cream!  it's a great one-stop shop product that works like a foundation/cover up, moisturizes while treating problem skin and blends really nicely with my pale complexion. 

alex organics pure bb cream is made with 100% natural ingredients - score!  although it's a bit on the spendier side of my beauty budget, i am fortunate to have gotten a good deal on it when i was at the beauty show.  now after using it for just a few times,i can already see the difference in my skin, plus it lightens my makeup load (since I like to schlep lots of stuff in my bag on a daily basis) and i get more bang for my buck (it's my new skin cure-all).  

insider tip: when applying, instead of rubbing into the skin like a moisturizer, pat it on for the best coverage to even out your skin tone while the bb cream works its magic on healing the skin.

alex oraganics pure bb cream is $90 for 1oz tube.

feet necklaces

i love sandals and i love being barefoot, therefore it's only natural that i love the idea of barefoot sandals - or as i'd like to call them, feet necklaces. 

although i have yet to test out a pair of my own, these etsy gems are one of my top contenders.  i am really tempted to get a pair because i could wear these even while teaching the yoga (read: i'm trying to justify the purchase).

have you ever warn a pair?  tell me about it!

perfect pairings

today, my twin sis and i got up extra early to be on the chew (a fun, foodie talk show now on abc)!  we were part of clinton kelly's segment called 'perfect pairings' showing steal vs. splurge looks for spring.  we had a great time with the crew, especially the shopping savvy, style producer, jess zaino - she's a little ball of fire and hilariously entertaining.  she also gives super cool shopping tours in nyc that cater to ladies looking for the chic and the cheap (my kinda gal!).

can you guess which outfit is the steal and which is the splurge? click on the image to find out!


poop is pretty

if you cringe at the word 'p-double o-p' like my sister, i encourage you to resist the urge to leave this page and read on.  if you think about about it, our bodies are amazing!  the fact that they can magically transform stuff that we eat into energy and discard the crap that they don't need is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, so by association that makes poop amazing too.  as part of my recent adventures in cleansing i tested out colon hydrotherapy (aka colonics).  luckily my yoga pal, gina mikan is an expert, so i was in good and familiar hands, which to me was important, especially since the procedure is more intimate than a bikini wax

after a 7-day juice cleanse, i went for it.  for answers to some of the top questions (at least on my mind) read my post on examiner that includes a mini interview with gina!  and now for the nitty gritty details of my first ever colonic:

  1. Was I nervous?  you betcha - but gina and i got to chatting and it wasn't so bad after the 'insertion' part which was literally over in like 10 seconds (gina's good - gets in there quick, making it painless without the awkwardness).
  2. how did it feel?  it felt like i had a lot of gas when the water was going in.  at certain points gina would massage my belly to help get the water further along into the intestinal track.
  3. was it embarassing?  surprisingly no. we cracked a few potty jokes and moved on to more regular conversation.  the weird thing was during the release, because it was basically like going to the bathroom with a friend in the room.  thankfully, the noise and odor are contained since the system is closed.  
  4. what happens after?  immediately after the procedure, you hit the b-room.  where i stayed for a good 20 minutes - mostly paranoid more than anything else that i would have an accident on the subway ride home.  (i'm happy to report no accidents!)  i did a lot of side twists which really did help move things along.
  5. how did i feel?  i felt really light, empty but in a good way. i also felt like the combination of sleep, juicing and the colonic helped my skin start to clear up (translation: i need to do this more often).


in a nutshell, if you're in nyc and curious about colonics, i highly recommend gina!  she talks you through everything that's happening, doesn't make you feel awkward and she has the best rates around (at least from my research - and if you know me, i hunt high and low for a deal) - $90 for the first sesh, $85 for returning.  check out her website

beautiful minds create a league of their own

just as women's history month is on its way out, levo league has relaunched! is a women's online network for the world's real movers and shakers - the ladies! (sorry dudes if you're reading this one.)  i have the pleasure of personally connecting with the beautiful minds behind the magic that powers this new virtual platform, thanks to my Shobha circle.  they even have some pretty fancy pants people backing their concept. so sign yourself up today and get in the network and help start this next chapter of women's history and be inspired to play your own part in molding the present and the future.

the art of children

the imagination of a child is boundless.  it's also known to create a few laughs and some pretty things.  this week's 'pretty things' post is dedicated to children's masterpieces and this super cool woman who is now bringing their drawings to life!

check out child's own studio to find out how childhood drawings can come to life - in the form of custom-made, soft toys.

gee, i think these are s'well

For a classy way to stay hydrated, keep cool and remain hangover-free - try these bottles in lieu of the usual vino (or maybe fill one up for a winter picnic - hey, it's 60 degrees and February in NYC right now, so it could happen).

S'well, the line of colorful, double-walled, insulated bottles are easy on the eyes and keep beverages cool for up to 24 hours. ($35 / 17oz or $45 / 25oz; shop

deordorant cream is a beautiful thing

yes, you read right - deodorant cream.  as part of my office secret santa, i received a tub of this miracle cream by soapwalla kitchen (shop her stuff on etsy!).  it may seem weird as a gift, but i was stoked to get it since i've been on the hunt for natural deodorant. until now, the closest one i found that works was from arm & hammer

at first it caught me off guard. upon reading the directions, i would have to rub the cream on my armpit with my own fingers(!), but then i realized it was my armpit, as in part of my body and since i lotion up other areas, why not my pits? 

so i gave it a rub...

i am thrilled to report that this deodorant cream is all natural and although it is not an antiperspirant which doesn't prevent you from sweating, it does prevent stinking thanks to all of the essential oils that are packed in the ingredient list.  plus, it has kaolin clay which helps absorb moisture, so it does help reduce some sweat (at least for me because I don't get very sweaty).

in a nutshell, a little goes a long way, so at $12 a tiny tub it lasts and is easy to tote so i can reapply before a yoga sesh or anytime on-the-go. 

side note:  the hand application factor makes it easy to apply more discreetly than whipping out a traditional (giant) stick of deodorant (which also prevents accidental marks on clothing too).