foodie penpals: the june 2012 reveal

this month is officially my third month of foodie penpals (check out april and may)! and this time my special delivery was sent to me from minnesota!  sharon, who writes the blog 'adventures in ordinary,' sent me some yummy local goodies, including maple syrup and blue corn flour.  while i've never tried blue corn flour for pancakes, sharon's suggestion in her note has inspired me and hopefully once this heat wave ends and I can actually think about turning on the stove, i'll give it a go! 

she also sent me some wild black rice, which i am excited and a little initimidated by because my cooking weakness is rice - i know that sounds kind of pathetic, but it's the truth - so if anyone out there (sharon included!) has as handy tips on cooking rice - successfully - please share them with me in the comments!




my foodie penpal recipient (the one i sent goodies to this month) is elizabeth (follow her on twitter @Elizanewidomy). she  lives in the south, but asked for some local street 'treats' from nyc like a hot dog or pretzel.  since i didn't think those would make the trip, i got her some locally made condiments including this super cool - and scoopable, spiced ketchup made in nyc (no corn syrup included, just some good ol' suga):

and brooklyn-made relish, a local company that i first taste-tested at the brooklyn flea a couple of years ago (and now they're in whole foods!):

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