free app - food diary for conscious eating

as a devoted fan of evernote for several years, i was elated to find out about some fun new apps that the evernote team has rolled out - including evernote food.  (for those of you who don't know about evernote, you should(!) it's a great notebooking system that allows you to sync between your computer, your phone and tablet, so you have all of your notes, all of the time). 

evernote food, is a great journaling system for keeping track of what you eat and where you eat it.  it is super phone friendly, helps you locate eateries with its search function and allows you to take multiple pics for each meal, which you can then share with your friends (if you choose) in your social media world, or send them an email. 

so if you're looking to eat more consciously and have considered a food diary before, think about making your food diary electronic - it's like instagram with a healthy cause. otherwise it's just plan fun to snap pics of pretty food and journal about them.  you choose.

besides, that app is f.r.e.e. so it's worth a try.