must(ard) eat your greens

upon my last trip down the produce aisle, i accidentally grabbed a few bunches of mustard greens instead of my usual green staple - kale (i thought they looked a bit different, but didn't think to look at the tag, other than to check that they were organic).  so i was surprised to find when making my lunch - my favorite kale salad - that i was working with mustard greens. 

i had actually (to my knowledge) never eaten them before.  a little annoyed that i had mistaken said green stuff for kale and skeptical that maybe i wouldn't like the taste, i forged on with my original plan of salad making.  i'm happy to say i was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed my new greens!  they really spiced up my salad - think romaine meets wasabi - a nice kick in the tastebuds for midday.

then i got to researching to find out what other fantastic gems i could unearth about mustard greens, and here they are:

  • cholesterol-lowering superpowers - right behind steamed collard greens and steamed kale.  these steamed greens easily bind bile acid in the digestive tract, thus lowering cholesterol (even more so than eating them raw).
  • cancer protection - mustard greens are loaded with glucosinolate content. Glucosinolates are phytonutrients that can be converted into isothiocyanates (ITCs) which have cancer-preventive properties and other unique health benefits.
  • nutrient-rich - mustard greens are off the charts (that's super high) in vitamins k, a and c. 

how to eat 'em:

  • steam them (perhaps the most obvious).
  • use them as your lettuce base in salads (or mix them in with romaine or other greens).
  • sauté them with walnuts.
  • chop them up and throw them in a pasta salad for some green power & a kick of flavor.