foodie penpals - the april 2012 reveal

after getting wind of foodie penpals via a video that fellow twitterer/blogger, bex posted, i instantly wanted in.  similar to the olden days of writing letters to penpals (who you might have not known prior), lindsay (aka @LeanGrnBeanBlog) has created a new kind of penpal for foodies! 

here's how it works:  every month you need to submit that you'd like to participate by the 5th and then you get your penpal for the month a day or two later which you get to send a box of goodies (up to $15) and must get it in the mail by the 15th, then every 30th of the month you post on your blog what you got from your penpal!

the movement has already grown from the first month of about 30 people to over 600 people (just a few months later) and now includes participants in the UK (don't worry you only get a penpal within your country). 

this april, i had the honor of receiving a box from lindsay cotter, a nutrition manager, fitness consultant and the wife of a dude that spends his days competing in triathalons (read: she's amazing!).

i'm not going to lie, when my package arrived i was so super excited (it was like christmas on tax day!).  the fact that i was ravenous and had the bare bones minimum in my cabinets and fridge (read: grocery shopping had gotten knocked down on my priority list that week) heightened my enthusiasm. i immediately started taste testing.

might i add that lindsay has some great handwriting. i love notes/old timey letters and i loved even more that most of the goodies she sent were local from the big lovin' state of texas!

and now for the big reveal.....!

there was so much great stuff packed in the box, i don't know how it all was within the $15 budget! regardless, i'm grateful for the delivery of deliciousness.

here's what i got (in order of my favorites):

  1. jalepeno lime pepper by alamo city pepper products - forget the regular sea salt, i have been sprinkling this stuff on everything from salads to toast to tofu!  #officiallyobsessed
  2. hail merry blonde macaroons - omg, an amazingly delicious vegan treat with no refined sugar (they're also gluten-free!).
  3. texas bbq flavor kale chips by rhythm superfoods - i love me a kale chip and these certainly didn't disappoint.  it was my first go at bbq-seasoned ones, and they were beyond yum!
  4. lunchskins - ok this wasn't edible, but lunchskins are adorable reusable snack packs to replace your ziplock baggies, i plan on ordering more!  they also have velcro and are washable.
  5. cashew fig carrot bar by thunderbird energetica - i dig the fig and have never actually come across a fig bar (other than the fig newton - which is a cookie, or a cake...). the texture was very real, which made it almost weird since it felt like i was eating an actual dried fig (not bad, just not what i expected).  the bar is from austin and has a compostable wrapper, plus it's all-natural and  handmade -- oh and shaman-blessed (read: super cool).
  6. raspberry licorice by panda - thanks to my mom, i've always had a soft spot for licorice, especially the red kinds, and this one did the trick and without any artificial coloring.
  7. granola by love grown foods - i received two mini packs of granola, simply oats and sweet cranberry pecan.  they were the perfect nibble-on-the go for me, and just the right amount to add to yogurt.
  8. chocolate chunk protein bar by longhorn bar - not one for protein bars, i was pleasantly pleased by this texan treat.  i liked the hint of cinnamon in it and the fact that it didn't have that weird protein-y texture/taste. plus, it saved me from starvation when i had to take breakfast on the run one busy morning in nyc.
  9. amazon chocolate by greens organics - a single stick of a powder supplement that's packed with green foods, superfruits, sea veggies and of course amazonia cocoa.  you can mix it with just water for a quick fix.  (note: the reason this appears last is because i have yet to try it myself, but at first glance if looks like a win!)

thanks agin lindsay and lindsay!!!! looking forward to the next round in may!  stay tuned...