i get my meds from the farmacy

i always go back to what my mom taught me as a kid - eat colorfully.  it makes your plate look more appetizing and it turns out, the more colors on your plate the more well-rounded your intake of vitamins and nutrients will be! 

it's really that easy!

you'll have tastier, more enjoyable meals and none of that neon pee you get after popping over-the-counter supplements that your body can't absorb. (although it's true that some veggies like asparagus can make your pee smell.)

food can even help with allergies.  try eating local honey if you and the pollen in the air are less than friendly.

next time you have the urge to head to the vitamin aisle, head to your local farmers' market instead. you'll turn your fridge into your medicine cabinet. make sure to fill it with fresh, local, seasonal (and organic when possible) produce.  it's what this farm-acist ordered.