nutritional yeast - the vegan grated cheese

ever wonder what the cheesy ingredient is in vegan kale chips that makes them so dang tasty?

it's nutritional yeast - i checked the label.  

upon reading, i was slightly turned off due to some weird connotation from my tween years... and then i began seeing it in all of these raw recipes that i was exploring, so i picked up my first shaker-top container today.

here are some interesting facts about nutritional yeast:

  • it is rich in protein, vitamins (including b12) and minerals. 
  • it is naturally fat-free and sodium-free.
  • yeast is part of the fungi family (bragg's version is grown on beets and cane molasses). 
  • after the yeast ferments, it is harvested, thoroughly washed and cleaned, and dried on roller drum dryers.
  • there are many health benefits too - including: improved immune response, reduction of cholesterol, plus it has anti-cancer properties.

so how does it taste? it's a toasted, nutty-cheesy flavor - basically it is my new parmesan cheese.

here are some ideas to give nutritional yeast a test-run:

  • sprinkled on popcorn
  • seasoning for soups and salads
  • any time you would normally use parmasen cheese

are you a fan of nutritional yeast?  share how you eat it in the comments!