dairy-free probiotic bubbly

despite my attempts to live (procesed) sugar-free in my first 30 day challenge (i'm already on day 3 and doing great thank you very much), the holidays - or more like the holiday treats - got the best of me.  i'll type it right now, i lack willpower when presented with free cookies and chocolates and have given up on sugar prohibition during the holidays, instead it's all about moderation - which i have still yet to master...

i digress.

back to my point, the overload of sugary food and less green things during the holidays have left my tummy rather unhappy.  so in hopes of getting back on track, i have started incorporating more probiotics into my daily feeding times.  probiotics are the healthy live cultures of acidophilis (a bacteria) that help your digestive tract break down foods better - yes, you ingest these on purpose!  commonly found in yogurt, i was excited to come across a non-dairy option. 

i literally just discovered this a whole foods today (and it was on sale 2 for $5).  instead of a dairy cutlure like yogurt, kevita uses "4 strains of active cultures that are clinically proven to support digestive health*, maintain the immune system* and deliver more active cultures than yogurt.**" although i'm not sure what study backs these ** claims, upon first taste, i'd say it's a win! 

kevita comes in 9 flavors, all slightly bubbly with a hint of natural sweetness (from stevia).  i picked up three flavors lemon ginger, coconut and living greens.  all are vegan and some have caffeine from green tea in them (hey, i only gave up sugar!).

look for it in the grocery store, it'll most likely be right next to the kombucha brands. let me know what you think!