hit the mini bar pre-yoga

as in mini luna bar! (what were you thinking? there's no time for silly juice before asana.)

upon receiving my january birch box, i was deeee-lighted to find a mini luna bar in it.  how genius!  maybe they've been around for a while, i don't care, i'm in love.  luna bars have been around for quite some time, and are actually a super healthy option as far as snack bars go.  but in the past eating a whole luna bar prior to getting also yoga pretzel-y was a bit too much.  now these bars (made from unsweetened fruit, nuts and spices) are available in a mini bar which is perfect to satiate me without feeling icky on the sticky mat. 

i didn't see them on birchbox's site, so i of course searched the interwebs and found them on amazon, 12 for $18 in a variety pack, making them a $1.50 - a price that's easy to swallow...