i'm proud to be a food snob

some may say i'm a picky eater or rather a food snob, because i opt for organic and will pay more for it, even when funds are limited.  i've gotten on my soapbox about it, and some think i am ranting.  so i was elated to find this informative video to breakdown why you should be weary of what you eat.  chemically mutated, manufactured and engineered foods may have a bigger pricetag than eating organic - it's called cancer.  this is not to scare you, but to inform.

this summer, i joined the holton farms csa, who has been bringing farm fresh produce to our curb -literally, this hard working team has been hustling from vermont to manhattan weekly.  and while their produce has been amazing they are struggling to survive.

"as a member of our CSA (for good or for bad) you are part of an experiment that seeks to get Americans eating better food, keep small farms in existence, and pay agricultural workers fair wages. While it hasn't been pretty, the concept is a pretty cool one (if I may say so myself). We need to figure this out. For ourselves, for our kids, for other people's kids. The garbage being sold to the American public as food is deplorable. It's almost impossible to eat well and responsibly outside the home today."- jurrien @holtonfarms

so i ask you, how can we make wholefood affordable again, not only for consumption but for the people who make it possible?

it might not happen overnight, but it would make my universe if you proactievely worked on eating local, whole (not processed - like real veggies) and organic foods.

thank you.

*steps down from soapbox*