chillout with watermelon

other than being a deliciously juicy, refreshing summer treat, watermelon is packed with vitamin b6, known to combat anxiety and depression.  so forget the chill pill and pop some watermelon in your pie-hole.  need more reasons to sway you to carry a watermelon home the next time you hit the produce isles/farmer's market?  ok, here you:

  • heart and sex drive helper - yep, watermelon contains something to make it compete with little blue pills - arginine, an amino acid known to relax blood vessels and work its magic in the heart and yes guys, in the pants.
  • summer is the season - they're abundant, ripe - and cheap (read:  totally worth the schlep home).
  • internal sunscreen - watermelons, like tomatoes, are loaded with licopenes, known to be a preventative for specific cancers like that of the prostate and block uv rays to a certain extent! (but still put on that sunblock)
  • big fun - these melons, they be big - too big for individual consumption, so forgo the chips and bring one to your next bbq.

try something new!  drink your watermelon
watermelon juice - a personal love of mine, it's not only tasty and thirst quenching, but the process of juice is really stress relieving.  leave the rind on (seriously, it won't harm your juicer) and juice yourself a glass!  add a little spritz of lime for some bite and possibly one of those umbrellas for giggles.