soaked almonds are super

i have heard about eating soaked almonds from a few different folks in my world, so i decided to give it a try and do a little research to round it out.  here's what i did and found:

how to make 'em and eat 'em:  

  • before you head to bed the night before, put a serving size of almonds in a small bowl over night; adding just enough water to cover them.
  • in the morning nibble on these almonds for breakfast, all of the water should be absorbed so that that the almonds look plump - almost juicy.

why soaked almonds trump dry ones (read: the benefits of soaked almonds):

  • eating soaked almonds first thing in the morning kickstarts your body's ability to digest proteins. and remember protein give you sustaining energy while stabilizing your blood sugar levels whether you're into hardcore cardio or just have a long day of meetings ahead of you.
  • almonds contain riboflavins (vitamin b2), which are important for the repair and development of body parts like your eyes, skin and even nervous system to name a few.  when almonds are soaked they are easier to digest, making it easier to absorb the riboflavins. #winning
  • soaking increases the alkalinity (opposite of acidity) of almonds.  eating alkaline foods helps balance your internal pH, making your body and brain run better (think of it like the high octane gas option).