d.i.y. sushi kit

my very first sushi roll - zucchini-carrot-avocado-cucumberafter years of mysticism and intimidation about whether or not i could actually make my own sushi, i can now proudly report - i can!  while shopping at wholefoods, i came upon a sale endcap that was spotlighting, japan gold sushi roll kit.  i was instantly intrigued.  then i was sold when i found out the kit had cooked rice (i still have yet to master rice... i know, it's not hard right?!) and that it was on sale 2 for $10!  so for $5 i got the following in my kit:

1 healthy portion of pre-cooked sushi rice
1 packet of sushi vinegar
1 packet of soy sauce
1 packet of wasabi powder (you just add a little water to make your own paste - who knew?! well, i didn't...)
3 nori sheets (the green 'wrapper' on sushi)
1 bamboo sushi mat

the instructions are super easy and they are posted right on the back of the box with some great visuals.

the most time consuming part was thinly slicing my veggies.  

*breathes a sigh of relief*

now i can venture into some more unique sushi creations.  i wonder how quinoa would be in place of rice.  let the possibilities begin!