macrobar - an unexpected pharmacy find

after a vigorous late night yoga session, i was trying to catch a train and was left with little time to eat and a ravenous appetite, so i was excited to stumble upon a cvs with a deli section (14th st & 8th ave, if you're in nyc).  there i found a section of packaged bars that actually seemed somewhat healthy (good job cvs!).  i rolled the proverbial energy bar dice (because i wanted something i could nibble on my subway ride) and chose a macrobar (cashew butter).  organic, vegan and macrobiotic, i was uneasy, but then pleasantly suprised at the lightly sweet, nougat-y goodness i bit into.  not too chewy, not too sweet, even goldilocks would be content with this bar.

made with only 4 ingredients, macrobar is definitely a case of less is more.  (organic brown rice syrup, organic cashew butter, organic puffed brown rice, organic cashews -yes, it's gluten-free!)

macrobar has some other fun flavors, among them are the following that are on my list to try: cashew caramel, tahini date, almond butter with carob and banana almond. (amazon has a variety-worthy pack.)

i am pysched that more healthy options are popping up in mass-chain pharmacies, so look for macrobar the next time you're stuck with only packaged food as an option, it'll one up a snickers any day in my book.