the copper cup - ayurveda's lucky penny

recently, i had my first consultation with an ayurvedic doctor (more on that later) in which i was perscribed some specific dietary changes to improve my overall well-being and health.  one of these changes was to drink a glass of room temperature water each morning (the first thing i am to drink) from a copper cup after letting the water stand in the cup overnight. 

copper cups - yes, the same shiny metal that pennies (well at least the outside of the pennies are now still) made of - are a centuries old part of ayurvedic wellness, specifically for the pitta dosha.  by letting the water stand in the cup, it absorbs the important mineral copper.    copper is said to be anti-aging and antmicrobial (if you're a medical/chemistry dork like me, check out the oligodynamic effect) and positively charges the water - literally, it become ionic (read:  charged with electrolytes).  drinking said copper water helps to wash out your g.i. tract, flush your kidneys, and stimulate your *ahem* 'motions.'  copper is also said to protect the body from respiratory problems including asthma (read:  definitely worth a try if you are paying big bucks to pharma companies for inhalers).  plus, it purifies the blood and promotes a healthy complexion.  

all these benes from just drinking out a certain cup?  i'll take it.

you can find copper cups online, but i found one at a local indian grocery store for literally half the price - so stimluate your local economy and save some dough by shopping in your 'hood.

make sure to clean your cup on the regular - mix up some flour, salt and vinegar (equal parts), then rinse with water.