faux gras fo sure

the idea of foie gras, a mushy substance made from the fatty liver of duck (or goose), makes my mouth dry (as in wanting to dry-heave) rather than water.  although many have praised its taste and i am not one to knock it until i try it, slimy liver-gooe just doesn't tickle my pickle. 

however, when i was so graciously gifted a tub of the regal vegan's faux gras (thanks sis!), i was thrilled.  true, this isn't animal mush, but it is such a great option for the non-meat eaters looking to expand what their tastebuds deem palatable and add a bit of pretentiousness to the menu (yes, even though i don't eat it, foie gras still sounds fancy to me).

still not convinced? the toasted walnut lentil paste is a total upgrade from hummus.  there i said it.  i'm not sure if i can ever go back to the chickpea.

i feel like i've just found my green eggs and ham.  i will eat with some crackers, i will eat it with just a spoon....


 the regal vegan, founded by brooklynite Ella Nemcova, is most well known for its catering, workshops/classes and consulting services. now this scrumptious faux gras marks r.v.'s official entry into the land of packaged food, now available in nyc stores.  i'm convinced it's only a matter of time before it conquers the land of wholefoods

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