kale - the new chip on the block

a fan of crunchy textures, savory and spicy flavors and the green goodness of kale, kale chips have been on my to-taste list for a while now. but before i commit to another cooking gadget (dehydrator), i thought i'd see what they are supposed to taste like and how the experts have 'cooked' up these raw treats.

enter brad's raw chips. (the guy in charge is really brad and he has quite a tranformative tale to share about how he became a raw foodie.)

i had my first bite when i picked up a box of the vampire killer kale chips at whole foods.  then i was thrilled to receive a sampler pack from the good peops at brad's that included some more vampire killers as well as some nasty hot kale chips.  in addition to loving their names - aptly chosen - i loved said chips!  for me vampire killer comes in first, but nasty hot is a very close second.

the chips are raw and vegan, and loaded with flavor.  they are definitely a splurge treat for my budget ($7.49 for a 2.5oz box), but they are definitely a healthier choice than other chip options (e.g., tortilla, potato) and even count as a green veggie for the day! 

kale is known among the nutrition community for its healthful benefits which include superpowers that lower cholesterol, cancer risk, inflammation and body toxins.  so to now have it as faux junk food makes it truly amazing! - at least in my biased opinion...

are you a fan of kale chips?  have you ever made your own? please share your finding with me in the comments!