spice up your regular

when i was on a trip to milwaukee recently, i stumbled upon this uber quaint shop at a strip mall, penzeys spices.  fascinated by the world of spices, i was immediately drawn in to this super organized and foodie inspiring boutique, but i was also overwhelmed with options and all the free recipe cards that they offer to go along with their spectrum of spices.  now i recieve their catalog, which doubles as an educational guide, chockful of spice trivia and unique recipes.  for example, did they suggest swapping golden beets for carrots to create a unique spin on carrot cake.  they also have great sampler sets from the salad lover's to the some like it hot box.  so it you're looking to broaden your horizons and your spice selection beyond the usual salt and pepper, check out penzeys spices.


coupon alert:  $5 off when you spend $10 or more.   use code 00002C in the express ordering section on their website; expires 5/29/2011.