dates, the secret ingredient to the sweet life

true story.  dates, upon looking at them kind of remind me of roaches, i know it sounds disturbing, especially because i really love them.   their sugary 'crust' and the coloring do it for me, thankfully their taste and health benefits help me get over this weird connection.

lately, i've been blending up green smoothies to energize my day and to help counterbalance some of the bitterness of the darker greens, like kale, that i have been liquifying, i add just 1-2 dates as a natural sweetner.

a word to the wise, check for pits before you blend!  #justsayin...

5 random facts about dates you should know:

  1. dates are one of the ancient fruits (dating - haha- back to 6000 bc), and have have been nicknamed the 'tree of life' because of their healthy benefits.
  2. Dates are easy to digest, so they convert into instant energy!
  3. Eating dates help maintain a healthy heart, digestive and nervous system. plus, some research even links them to preventing abdominal cancer.
  4. Dates help to lower LDC chlosterol (this is the cholesterol that should be low not high).
  5. Dates are loaded with iron, making them great for vegans, vegetarians and anyone anemic.