bananacado breakfast

i am proud to have coined a new word - it's the brangelina/tomkat of my smoothie world - bananacado (as in the union of banana and avocado).  with a long day ahead of me i opted to energize my early start with a bananacado smoothie.

bananas - naners (yes, i like to nickname produce)- are a powerhouse of energy, with twice the carbohydrates of apples (read: sustenance to get you through your morning meeting or workout) and are packed with vitamin a, iron, phosphorous and potassium. 

avocados - this fruit has amazing preventative properties against hardcore ailments like cancer, strokes and high cholesterol, plus it improves your nutrient absorption from the other foods you eat (such a team player) and is packed with vitamin e (essential for helping me heal my recent curling iron burn on my neck - yes this was self-inflicted accidentally and quite gnarly. vitamin e ingested and applied topically has been my best friend for about a week now.).

here's how to make your own:

2 organic bananas (throw 'em in the freezer overnight if you prefer your smoothies frosty fresh)
1 avocado (remove pit and skin)
a sprinkle of sea salt (helps to bring out the flavor in the fruit)
a dash of cinnamon (know for reducing bloating)
a splash of vanilla extract (opt for the real deal, it takes better and is better for you)

blend everything together in your food processor/blender, pour in 1 large glass if you are super hungry in the a.m. or in 2 to share with a loved one or roomie.