kvass, the kombucha of veggies

scott, one of the founders of zukay, who was giving out free 'shots' of kvass at the bowery whole foodsrecently the beloved fizzy-lifting drinks (read: kombucha) were pulled from the shelves of the foodie mecca, whole foods, because some of the bottled bevies were found to contain more than just a trace of alcohol that results from the natural fermentation process used to create the drink and also explains the fuzzy feelings that one would sometimes experience after taking a few swings (read:  breakfast buzz). 

now that the kombucha kegs have been kicked, how does one get their fermentation fix sans the win-o effect? 

one word:  kvass.

kvass is the vegetable version of kombucha.  so that means less sugar and more benefits.  (what's not to love?) 

essentially it's a pickled beverage through a natural fermentation process that actually adds vitamin b to vegetables that don't normally have them.  the taste is tart and non-fizzy, but if you like green juice, you'll be a fan (like me).  i tried the beet ginger (yes, because i must have ginger at all times) and it was great!

scott (pictured above), who founded zukay with his wife, kathy, gave me a sample shot and a coupon for $1 off (normally retails for $3.49 like kombucha), which i quickly nabbed and used at checkout.  my kvass (i'm still not 100% sure how to pronounce it) is chilling in my fridge as i type, which i plan to imbibe for breakfast.

for more deets about kvass, the wonders of fermentation and probiotics, or to check out other live foods made by zukay, check out zukay.com!