the incredible edible fig

i have always loved the fig newton, but when i was first exposed to the fresh fruit - the fig itself, i have to admit, i was somewhat afraid.  when cut open the seeds and coloring looked like what could be a man-eating fruit with lots of little teeth on the inside - a stretch, i know.  luckily, i tried them anyway, and i have enjoyed them ever since. 

since figs are at their yearly prime in late summer it's the perfect time to share what makes figs fantastic. and then today i found my fig friends on sale at whole foods, organic and on sale (2 packs for $6!). clearly a sign.

why figs are fantastic:

  1. oldie, but a goodie - they are one of the oldest fruits known to people - we're talking pre-bible days. in fact, there is even a fossilized fig wasp (hence the existence of figs) found to be over 34 million years old.
  2. whole and simple - you eat them like berries - skin and all up to the stem.
  3. sweet, sweet eatin' - they are juicy, refreshing and have a light sweetness to them
  4. gobble them up, slim down - they are a great source of fiber. fiber is great for keep your systems regular and are a great treat that also encourage weightloss.
  5. vegan for calcium - they are a source of calcium!  so put down the milk (the lactic acid in milk actually breaks down your bones) and find yourself a fig.
  6. nature's dessert - they are the perfect dessert all by themselves.  just wash and slice them in halves or quarters, place them on a place and wow your family and friends with a whole food dessert.

other ways to enjoy figs: