steep. sip. sleep. - savasana in a cup

after a stint of insomnia-esque weeks, a lovely (read: awesome friend) gifted me with a jar of aveda comforting tea.  this delicious organic blend of peppermint and licorice has a natural, subtle sweetness and calming effect (think:  liquid savasana).  try a cup of warm tea as you unwind before bedtime and you'll have a sounder more restful sleep - i did - without the groggy feeling that even some natural remedies like melatonin can make you feel the morning after.

this tea is a loose tea, so you'll need either a diy disposable teabag/filter  or the reusable tea filter (which i opt for).

simply let it steep for a few (3-5 minutes), sip, then off to sleep.  couple this tea with a quiet activity and low lighting to wind down for the night.