better (& healthier) ready-bake cookies

since childhood, i've had a weakness - er, soft spot - for cookies.  yes, i am a cookie monster and that's not just for costume purposes on halloween.  since i live in an apartment in nyc, sometimes getting my full baking groove on can be cumbersome and just a plain pain in the butt since i have limited space for sprawling out baking gear and ingredients.  luckily, i just discovered the best ready-to-bake options in the grocery store that require none of the setup and have whole ingredients (read:  all ingredients are pronounceable and nothing hydrogenated = win!).

here are my two picks:

  • immaculate baking company - i recently had the pleasure of tasting pretty much all of their cookie dough options, which include both organic and natural versions.  so far topping my list are their gingerbread spice and their gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.
  • pillsbury simply - yes, pillsbury, the go-to-refrigerated cookie dough manufacturer has finally put out a cookie that you can actually feel ok about even after you look at the ingredients. currently they only have chocolate chip and peanut butter, but let's hope some more options roll out for the holidays too