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who am i (jenn pesce)?

by day, i have a full-time position as the brand director at an indie beauty company.  since i am a gemini (and real life twin), my other ‘side’ is a yogini, so i like to think of myself as a business yogini.  i have been practicing yoga since 2003 and took my first teacher training with sadie nardini in 2005.  each year i try to continue my yoga studies beyond just attending classes and my home practice with trainings and intensives. for example, last year I also completed an 8-month yoga anatomy course with jason ray brown.  just this spring i took an intro course in sanskrit at the ashtanga yoga shala studio. 

as for my teaching experience I have worked with a non-profit organization called bent-on-learning and thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching children in public schools.  i have also taught weekly classes at a private gym in midtown manhattan, as well as several private clients and semi-private groups.

in terms of a healthy lifestyle, i don’t smoke, drink moderately and eat like my mom taught me – colorfully.  i am a big advocate of whole foods (as in the actual food, but the store is cool too), my juicer and now my new food processor.  i love learning new information about what foods are good, why and how to get my boyfriend to eat them.  i think pescetarian (yes, just like my name, it means fish) best describes my diet, mostly veggies with some fish and shellfish, oh and cheese, but in general i don’t eat things with beaks or boobs.  i am also known for encouraging my friends and family to eat ‘green things’ – at least once a day for starters. 

and lastly, i enjoy laughing, smiling and helping others do the same. 

why do i teach the yoga?

simply put, i teach to help myself and my community find balance.  by learning how to be ok on your mat, you can figure out how to be ok regardless of whatever gets thrown your way once you step off of it .  through yoga, i firmly believe you can learn to laugh and find lightness in life, because life should be bright and full of energy, on the regular.