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yogadeals on - 20% off the Yoga Poster

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In the age of the infographic, what better a way to understand the coming together (aka union) of Yoga than one poster that tells all?!  So whether you’re hitting the books for teacher training or are simply a YogaDork who loves facts, this 24 x 36 inch poster packs it in so you’re perfectly prepped for your practice.  The writing’s on the wall, including a quick visual of the Surya Namaskar sequence, the nutshell break down of the 8 limbs, plus the many modern styles that stem from yoga’s history roots. The Yoga Poster has so many nuggets of dorky data, we love it.

Enter YOGADORK at checkout on the website or Etsy shop to save 20% off the $34 price tag. [Expires Jan. 31, 2013]