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jumping into 2013

pardon the radio silence, i've been trying to embrace some new year habits - one being to have more adventures (see image above as proof that it's happening). 

in hopes of creating a fresh start to a new ending, i'm embracing more fun in my life and doing new things - with a minimum of one adventure per month.  i'm glad to say this weekend, which is only the first one of the month, has already fulfilled my requirement. 

after a tasty dinner with some surprise treats from the staff at el ay si (l.i.c. in spanish - i know, how clever) for our flexibility when there were a few table snafus, we were making the trek back to manhattan and had an impromptu photoshoot against this amazing backdrop of graffiti art.  i'm not sure how or when the jumping came into play, but it took our level of fun to a whole 'nother level.

check out for more on the amazing graffiti artists who are livening up long island city (queens, nyc). for more photos from the night, get over to instagram and find me @jennpesce

a special thanks to my fellow jumpers :)