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top yoga deals of the week

i've been radio silent for a while, apologies, it's been a combination of technology hiccups, my schedule, and attempting to find balance.  now that that's out, here are some yoga deals i've come across this week that are worthy of a share:

m.y.o.k. (make your own kombucha) for under 10 bucks
as the nights get longer, more indoor activities maybe in order, so why not combine something healthy and crafty?  try this diy kombucha starter kit for under $10 thanks to vegancuts.

better food for your belly & budget in nyc

the clean plates team (the go-to guide for eating, well, clean at nyc restaurants) has buddied up with their pals over at well+good to make healthy eating more budget friendly.  signup for their new free perks program.  (the first perk is 30% off at GustOrganics for 30 days. a popular, 100% certified-organic restaurant in the union square/chelsea area of nyc.

90 days to om at home for free

as school and work stuff kick back into high gear, getting to a yoga class might seem bleak, luckily you can yoga pretty much anywhere - especially at home. alignyo and my yoga online have partnered up in honor of yoga month to offer a free 90 days of - you guessed it - online yoga classes.  sign up for free on alignyo's fb page.




foodie find: maca magic

maca root powder.  it's one of those exotic items in the superfood aisle that has caught my eye for a while but i've been too intimidated to buy it - mostly because it seems to be a bit pricey (especially if i decide i don't like it!).  well, this holiday weekend i was strolling the aisles of one of my favorite nyc, local grocery stores and decided to take the plunge.  i purchased my first pound of raw, organic maca root powder.  then when i got home, i took to the interwebs to see what i could find out.

 here's a laundry list of all of its superpowers:

  • maca root contains 31 differet minerals and 60 different phytonutrients
    (forget the multi-vitamin in the a.m.)
  • maca root creates hormonal balance in the body's endocrine system, which includes the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands - it's really amazing that it is able to control these hormonal levels without any hormones of its own!
    (amazing, yes! another way to skip the pharmaceuticals if you need help stabilizing these glands)
  • maca root boosts fertility in both men and women, thanks to the alkaloids that it contains
    (noted. this will be shared in many random convos with my pals 'working' on the baby thing)
  • maca root is an adaptogen, helping the body to resist disease and stress
    (yes, please and thanks, i can never have enough help in the stress-fighting department)
  • maca root provides sustainable energy, unlike caffeine, it is known to aid in stamina and mental clarity without any highs or lows

my personal observations about maca root:

  • it is pale yellow in color
  • it has a mild nutty flavor with a hint of butterscotch
  • it blends well and easily in smoothies 

here's what to do with it (use 1-2 tablespoons):

  • add it to smoothies
  • substitute in a little bit of maca root powder in place of flour when baking
  • add it to your hot chocolate (maca root combines really well with fats like those in cacao)

if you live in nyc, or another city with lots of health food store options, just look in the superfoods section.  you should find maca root powder next to the chia seeds and cacao powder.  otherwise, check out, this powder is the same one i picked up at the store for about $14/lb. 

all in all, $14 isn't so bad for a powder with so many dang magical powers, thank you mother nature.



start yoga month with free meditation challenge + win a prize

Today, September 1st, is officially the start of Yoga Month!  Get inspired.  Get on the mat. Get a discount?  Aurorae Yoga, an online yoga retailer, is offering a 21-Day Meditation Challenge to kick off the month!  The challenge begins today, it's free, and if you make it through, they'll reward you with a discount code to their site on September 21st. 

Participation requires that you sign up with an email address and then have a consistent five minute daily meditation practice for the first 3 weeks of the month.  Each day you'll received tips on how to stick with your mediation practice and possibly make it even stronger. Then enjoy a 15% discount code when the 21 days are up.  By that time you'll be hooked on meditation (it only takes 21 days to make a habit) and you'll be ready for a meditation cushion, so why not have a discount ready and waiting for you?

reminder #1: enter to wine a free harmless harvest coconut water - by tweeting and facebooking!

reminder #2: check out my posts on for nyc events during yoga month!


freebie friday - best. coconut water. ever. giveaway

if you follow me on instagram you probably already are aware of my obsession with harmless harvest 100% raw coconut water!  it's my newest addiction and i rather save my beverage budget on a cold bottle of this good stuff over a latte any day of the week.  i prefer mine ice cold.

do not pass go. do not collect $200. instead make sure that you try harmless harvest asap!  it's the real deal (sorry, zico and other mass produced, weirdly tasting other cocowaters) especially the quality for the price. I have paid two times as much for the same type of raw, organic coconut water at Organic Avenue.

the yogadeal:  my pals over at h.h. headquarters in brooklyn just sent me a stack of coupons which are good for 1 free bottle of the their coconut water!!!!  so if you'd like to enter to win a cold one, here's what you'll need to do:


  1. follow harmless harvest on twitter (@harmlessharvest) and/or like them on facebook
  2. tweet or fb comment "i want to win the best. coconut water. ever. #harmlessharvestgiveaway #yogadeals"

6 winners will be selected!  you have until wendesday, september 5th, 2012 to enter.  good luck!


yoga in everyday and outside

the practice of yoga is finding the union, making that connection between where you are, who you are and what you are doing.  the simplest way to witness this is through the breath, but there are many other examples including gardening and other activities that you can transform into a meditative practice - and you might even discover some yoga postures in there :)

if you are in or around nyc, here are some fun outdoor yoga events happening in your near future - and of course yogadeal-budget-friendly.


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