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freebie find: shop safe with the goodguide 

with all of the bad things out there in everyday junky, preservative-loaded snacks and 'beauty' products, it's hard to commit everything to memory when you have to shop for a deodorant or even a snack. luckily, thre's a new free app out there for smartphones called goodguide

don't delay, don't pass go, download it now.

with a list of categories that include everything from packaged foods to personal care and paper products, goodguide is your go-to compass for savvy and safe shopping.  there's also a barcode reader that you can use to scan a product.  while the guide doesn't yet have all products (but really who could? other than maybe amazon...), the ones that do show up are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best), it also gives you a 'behind the rating' summary, a list of the ingredients, alternative products and other products made by the brand.



my post - academia-worthy yoga for minority teens

recently i had the pleasure of crossing paths with corinne wainer, the founder of yogirls program.  check out my post on to learn all about corinne and her nonprofit - she's driven and inspiring with a heart of gold.


yoga lesson: "If more people in the U.S. start meditating and becoming more peaceful, then so will the world become more peaceful." 

Yogmata's take on america.  so let's forget Democratic and Republican differences, with the upcoming election quickly approaching, this sounds like a great campaign platform for humankind!

yogmata, aka yoga mother, is in nyc this october to host two days of meditation workshops.  she's pretty amazing, being she's the first woman and non-indian person to have achieved samadhi (yoga enlightment)! 

check out my article for more on her nyc workshops. Her workshops are said to calm and purify the mind, creating balance and recharging the mental, physical and spiritual energies. Yogmata also incorporates breathing techniques in her workshops to help renew energy. She leads each workshop with a mantra known as "Diksha" which allows attendees to receive her blessings.

who's in?!


my yoga deal: 20% off wearable inspiration by padmala

check out the latest deal posted on and check out those gems too! 


pretty places: shobha fidi opens with a month of deals (nyc)

as you may know, in addition to my yoga realm, i do dwell in nyc where i work with a great team of like minded folks at shobha.  it is with pure excitement and pride in my team, that i wanted to share that our 4th location is officially open, today - thursday, september 20th, 2012.  i am truly lucky to work with so many great people.  yesterday we all came together to make sure that all of the final touches were finished so that we could be ready to open!  and now we have a great month planned of g.o. deals - as in grand opening deals.  to find out more about shobha and the deals going on at fidi, check out the official website,

side note: as a team, we have official nicknamed shobha financial district, shobha fidi, which is pronounced more like f-eye, dye, instead of fitty :)

come visit:

shobha fidi
65 broadway, suite 406 (between rector & morris streets)
nyc 10006

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