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reminder: yoga is for everyone

a new found friend on facebook, rachel yula kolberg, resides in israel where she is rocking her yoga!

so remember, no matter what your religion, your wardrobe or your location on the globe - you can do yoga! 

the yoga lesson:  explore your practice and make it your own :) and sometimes it helps if you upside down to flip your perspective.



kindness is my drug of choice

making on others happy makes me happier.  sometimes i feel like i am bordering on complete selfishness, because i love helping people. is that wrong? 

over the past two weeks, i've been travelling in europe and despite the different cultures, foods, and temperatures, one thing is consistent throughout - people are people.  regardless of what language barriers might exist, people helping other people is universal and it warms my heart. 

in my travels, i stumbled upon this bench at the garden of the peggy guggenheim museum in venice, italy. and then the next day as we embarked on our flight to london, there was a two-page spread article about world kindness day (november 13th - marking my calendar for next year) that talked about the positive physical and emothional benefits of being kind to others. so the moral of this story is, i'm glad i'm not alone in my constant need to be kind to others and it's ok to be selfish if that means it's because i am helping others :)

side note: while i was away, i couldn't help but feel that my vacation was bittersweet, because while i was having fun exploring new places, i worried about the well-being of my friends, family and fellow new yorkers who were struggling to get through the worst hurricane we've had in over 100 years. but i was so happy to see and hear that people were pulling together to weather through the aftermath. my heart goes out to all, and I am ready and willing to help in anyway i can.


ease into halloween

with all of the crazy chaos in the past few days on the east coast, find an easy seat this halloween and enjoy a little fun - on the mat or in costume - or maybe in your costume on your mat. happy halloween!


yoga deals - fall find: 30% off v-keen

among my favorite new york designers, both in spirit and an in talent, victoria keen, is offering a great deal on her limited edition cropped pants that are designed and constructed in nyc. yep, they are as cool and grounded as new yorkers (hey, i am biased and proud).




do yoga, get #blissedin

often times you hear the phrase, 'feeling blissed out,' after yoga class, when really yoga helps to bring your focus inward - so you're more blissed in than out.  yoga starts as an internal practice which then radiates out into your life off the mat.

i was reminded of this feeling after a weekend of lots of yoga, including teaching and attending three 2 hour sessions led by vinnie marino, a new yorker at heart, even though he currently calls santa monica home.  luckily, he was in nyc for a weeked of 'vin'yasa hosted at yogaworks in soho. 

my pal bex has two great reminders to stay blissed in - tanks (like the one i'm wearing in this pic) and limited edition bracelet that are uniquely numbered and you can pre-order in packs of 4 so that you can help spread the bliss.

for more on bex (she's an amazing mom of 4, a fitness realistic, and overall awesome person), blissed in tanks and bracelets, visit!


tanks and bracelets are $20 each.