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yogadeals giveaway - ultimate yoga dvd set

in case you haven't taken a peek at my yogadorky holiday gift picks, here's another chance to check one of my top 12 picks and to win it!

Wintery weather can cause one to go into hibernation mode at home.  The Ulitmate Yogi’s set of 12 DVDs provides a variety of class styles – from heart-pumping cardio to calming, gentle flow and a guided meditation, so even when leaving the house looks bleak, yogis can enjoy the classroom setting and atmosphere in their living rooms.

The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot ($108.00)
yogadeal: enter 'happyholidays' at checkout to save 30% off

how to win the ultimate yogi dvd set:

  1. like ultimateyogi on facebook and/or follow @ultimateyogi on twitter
  2. comment on the ultimateyogi fb page and/or tweet the following:  "i want to win the @yogadeals @theultimateyogi giveaway!"

Hurry entries are only being accepted until sunday, 12/23/2012!


12 picks for a yogadorky holiday by yogadeals (aka me)

check out my guest post for all of the details (just click on the image)


yogadeals - black friday & cyber monday indie exclusives

as much as i like avoiding shopping on crazy sale days, when you're on a budget and have some downtime, post-thanksgiving sales are a great way to get the most for your dollar.  this year i am on the hunt for finding items to donate to the yogirls program

here are some noteworthy deals, including an @yogadeals exclusive offer from infinity sport!

infinity sport - maker of the great convertible wraps that can be worn on and off the mat - are offering @yogadeals readers an exclusive 30% off (exp. 12/1/2012).  to redeem this offer enter 'yogadeals' in the notes to seller and you'll be refunded the 30% once the transaction is processed.

also today's the last day to enter the yogadeals infinity wrap giveaway, learn how to win here.

purusha is an indie line of yoga pants and tops.  save 25% off sitewide at this etsy gem by entering 'pumpkinpie2' at checkout (exp. 11/26/2012)

healthychic, one of the newest flash deal sites to hit the web, focuses on yoga, pilates and wellness.  for black friday enjoy an additional 20% off their already discounted offerings; enter TDBF20 at checkout (exp.11/23/2012), plus free shipping on orders of $75 of more.


v-keen, save 30% off the entire collection of victoria keen's wearable art! enter 'grateful30' at checkout (exp. 11/27/2012).

know other indie sales?  do tell!  share in the comments please!





happy thanksgiving!


wishing everyone a day to remember to be thankful everyday for whatever life throws you're way, even it if seems challengeing or not the path you had envisioned.

happy thanksgiving!


yogadeals giveaway - 9 month infinity wrap

personally, i'm a huge fan of convertible clothing - it helps me rationalize price per wear on pricier pieces if i can wear them in multiple ways. plus, as a carry-on-only type of traveler it maximizes my wardrobe when jetsetting.  so when my clothes can do the day/night barbie thing and are practical to wear on my yoga mat, it's an instant win. thank you abbey from infinity sport for creating just that - a win.

abbey's line was born out of necessity when she was pregnant in early 2012: 

"I was entering that time in pregnancy where my normal clothes were too tight, yet my pregnancy clothes were too big. [then i continued to wear] the wrap after giving birth (3 months ago, today) to Yoga, Pilates, on a run and even running errands."

soon after launching, her wraps became in high demand by non-pregnant ladies too!  as a result, abbey just created the infinity sport wrap for these yoga, pilates and dance-loving ladies.

so whether you're preggers, love convertible clothes or maybe plan on overeating sometime soon, here's how you can enter to win your very own 9 month infinity wrap ($79.99 value)!

  1. like 9 month infinity & infinity sport on facebook and/or follow @9monthinfinity on twitter
  2. comment on the 9 month infinity fb page and/or tweet the following:  "i want to win the @yogadeals @9monthinfinity giveaway!"

the winner will be announced on black friday (11/23/2012) - so make sure you enter!!!  the winner will have the choice of the 9 month infinity wrap in poppy or grey. 

good luck!!!