the yoga short(s) list

for fear of wardrobe malfunctions while teaching and practicing (in public), i usually shy away from wearing shorts while yoga-ing.  but after all of the 90+ degree days of heat in which one can sweat standing still, i have been embracing the less is more concept for yoga attire.  here are my personal picks.



puspha yoga's dharana shorts ($45) - i was lucky to be gifted a pair of these from my new pushpa pals ( thank you!).  they definitely live up to their reputation, they are are light and comfortable, the rouching on the sides is really flattering and they are not too tight all the while offering ample coverage for even the widest straddle or most twisted arm balance.  it's safe to say that these shorts are my new favorites.

phat buddha shorts ($36-$40) - i stumbled upon phat buddha, who is popular among the hot yoga/bikram scene, a few years back, with my first pair still as good as new even though they are literally 4 years old.  my pair has stars on them like the ones that the fabulous tracy anderson is wearing in the pic above.  i like them for their drawstring sides so that you can choose your length depending on the day.  i've also worn them as a bathing suit bottom, so obviously they passed the 'safe to wear for practicing in public' test..  now phat buddha has a bunch of new colors and a couple of styles and an online shop.

lululemon shorts ($42-$54) - of course lululemon knows a thing or two about smart design when it comes to yoga attire and they hold up to this reputation in the shorts department.  the wide waist band allows them to stay put and they have a handy hidden pocket for a debit card and a key for those who travel as light in the luggage department as they do with the shorts they choose.

here's some pics of me and my shorts:


satya sample sale + secret early access code #truth

what's better than a sample sale?  one that's online (read: no crowds) and one where you get first dibs (the best stuff always sells out first).

satya, the tiffany's of the yoga world, is having one of its far and few between sample sales!

Dates: July 23 – 25
What: necklaces, bracelets and earrings up to 50% off with exclusive pieces created just for the sale.

the yogadeal:  early access to the sample sale starts at 10 am EST on Sunday, July 22, enter the code "shopfirst" to get in on the action.  what do you do until then?  mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone of course.



compassion - word of the moment


noun \kəm-ˈpa-shən\

: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it (



this words keeps popping up in conversation and in my head this week, so i thought it was a sign that i should share it.  in order to have compassion, you must first be aware of others, which is often hard to do when you are so caught up in your own stuff.  however, once you are able to be truly present, you may just discover that others around, whether your bestie or your 'worstie' could really use your support.  now this doesn't mean that you have to agree with their choices, but rather try to understand and accept what they are experiencing and where they are coming from. 

the ol' 'put yourself in their shoes' is totally real. 


the yoga lesson:  when you can be truly present, then you can also have compassion for others. compassion will help us let go of grudges and move the 'f' forward.

pretty pal: nadya andreeva

my amazingly smart, fit and super healthy friend, nadya, was recently a speaker at the ted talks - yes those elite, genius presentations that are all over youtube - so if that doesn't certify her as awesome, nothing will.  i first learned that nadya was presenting about a month and a half ago, but sadly i did not attend and the youtube videos don't go live right away - but now it is!  so be sure to watch the video and check out nadya's website, spinach and yoga, where she discusses yoga, healthy living and how to use ancient ayurveda in a modern world.  in the video she demonstrates the art of nuali and talks about poop - yes, poop.  or more importantly, healthy digestion and how to get things moving.


pretty places & poses: katonah yoga & mandala vinyasa

today i finally got around to checking out the (somewhat) new studio, katonah yoga, in nyc.  it's located on the cusp of chelsea and the meat packing district on a rather quiet block with shady trees (a nice reprieve from the 90+ degrees that nyc has been for the past week).  the studio is quite, with a lightness to it - probably due to the very white, but also very soothing decor - my favorite part being the sky blue ceilings and honeycomb-esque cubbies for your stuff.  i took david reglin's class, which was as always an intelligent sequence that kept me focused, with a few sprinkles of sarcastic humor. today's class was an especially sweaty, slow flow. basically it was perfect for the hot weather and for slowing down the week. 

since i purchased the new student 3 class pack (3 classes for $30; mat included), after class i began browsing the website to check out the other instructors on the roster.  that's when i stumbled upon this youtube video of taylor flynn.  i'm not really going to say more much about it other than it mixes mandalas and yoga magic.  yes. magic.  happy weekend!

foodie penpals: the june 2012 reveal

this month is officially my third month of foodie penpals (check out april and may)! and this time my special delivery was sent to me from minnesota!  sharon, who writes the blog 'adventures in ordinary,' sent me some yummy local goodies, including maple syrup and blue corn flour.  while i've never tried blue corn flour for pancakes, sharon's suggestion in her note has inspired me and hopefully once this heat wave ends and I can actually think about turning on the stove, i'll give it a go! 

she also sent me some wild black rice, which i am excited and a little initimidated by because my cooking weakness is rice - i know that sounds kind of pathetic, but it's the truth - so if anyone out there (sharon included!) has as handy tips on cooking rice - successfully - please share them with me in the comments!




my foodie penpal recipient (the one i sent goodies to this month) is elizabeth (follow her on twitter @Elizanewidomy). she  lives in the south, but asked for some local street 'treats' from nyc like a hot dog or pretzel.  since i didn't think those would make the trip, i got her some locally made condiments including this super cool - and scoopable, spiced ketchup made in nyc (no corn syrup included, just some good ol' suga):

and brooklyn-made relish, a local company that i first taste-tested at the brooklyn flea a couple of years ago (and now they're in whole foods!):

to become a foodie penpals, head over to the


fancy your feet in a flash (sale)

scrubba dub dub, give those yogitoes some love!  as yogis, we rock barefeet on the regular all year. so when you combine that regular nakedness with summer's wear and tear on the tootsies (hello, flip flop abuse), it's important to pamper your peds.

i stumbled upon this brand new line, me & the girls, while i was 'on the job' at a recent trade show and had the pleasure of testing out its products that are loaded with great ingredients and work great too!  the scrubs are hands-down a new fave on my list (and i'm pretty picky about my scrubs). 

the scrub formulations by me & the girls are super moisturizing because of rich ingredients like coconut oil and Cupuacu Seed Butter, and yet the fine-grain organic sugarcane base allows them to get down and gritty. 

the result?  baby soft feet.

the yogadeal:  enjoy a flash sale (hurry, i'm not sure how long it will last) of lavandula revive foot scrub for only $15 (reg $24).