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yogadeals on yogadork: $15 off vernicevita luxe yoga mats

my latest yogadork dealio is here!

Do you double down in yoga class?  As in do you use two mats?  No judgements here, just asking.

Rest assured, there are many yogis out there who prefer some extra cushion during their practice.  To help find the ease in each pose VerniceVita has created the luxury mat that does just that.  Consider it the Tempurpedic Matress of Yoga Land. With two options for thickness, the VerniceVita is made with 3-layers of genius:

  • Layer 1 (the bottom) keeps you grounded and is made from a non-skid EVA material.
  • Layer 2 (we like to call it the magic middle) is memory foam, providing support that’s both firm and soft, you know like a good yoga teacher’s instruction.
  • Layer 3 (the top) is made of textured neoprene that is water resistant and perfect for even sweaty sessions. And as if  3-layers of luxe wasn’t alluring enough, there’s also two lengths to choose from, so those with longer limbs no longer have to cower in down dog.

And as if  3-layers of luxe wasn’t alluring enough, there’s also two lengths to choose from, so those with longer limbs no longer have to cower in down dog.

Life is hard enough at times, your yoga mat doesn’t need to be. Enjoy $15 off any mat purchase on with your exclusive YD Deals code:  YOGADORK15 (expires: 3/31/13).


yogadeals: retreat from the cold - to bali! early bird specials

Dreary wintery weather can leave us homebound, tired of yoga studio walls and daydreaming of warm, sunny days at the beach where we can sneak in a few sun salutations as we soak up the rays. Luckily, this vision may be closer than we think. The annual BaliSpirit Festival, Southeast Asia’s premier destination for yoga, dance, and live music will be held from March 20th to March 24th, 2013 in Ubud, Bali and there's an early bird offer too boot.

Considered among the top yoga festivals in the world, the five-day and night event offers over 100 yoga, meditation, and body movement workshops led by top international instructors and accompanied by world class musicians, including Australia's OKA. Expect offerings from Acro Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga, Qi Gong, Dynamic Meditation and SoulMotion Dance, to name just a few.

Visit the official BaliSpirit Festival for the full lineup and to purchase tickets with an early bird special, a savings of up to $100 (early bird tickets start at just $75 for a one day music pass).


yogadeals on - 20% off the Yoga Poster

here's my recent post on

In the age of the infographic, what better a way to understand the coming together (aka union) of Yoga than one poster that tells all?!  So whether you’re hitting the books for teacher training or are simply a YogaDork who loves facts, this 24 x 36 inch poster packs it in so you’re perfectly prepped for your practice.  The writing’s on the wall, including a quick visual of the Surya Namaskar sequence, the nutshell break down of the 8 limbs, plus the many modern styles that stem from yoga’s history roots. The Yoga Poster has so many nuggets of dorky data, we love it.

Enter YOGADORK at checkout on the website or Etsy shop to save 20% off the $34 price tag. [Expires Jan. 31, 2013]


jumping into 2013

pardon the radio silence, i've been trying to embrace some new year habits - one being to have more adventures (see image above as proof that it's happening). 

in hopes of creating a fresh start to a new ending, i'm embracing more fun in my life and doing new things - with a minimum of one adventure per month.  i'm glad to say this weekend, which is only the first one of the month, has already fulfilled my requirement. 

after a tasty dinner with some surprise treats from the staff at el ay si (l.i.c. in spanish - i know, how clever) for our flexibility when there were a few table snafus, we were making the trek back to manhattan and had an impromptu photoshoot against this amazing backdrop of graffiti art.  i'm not sure how or when the jumping came into play, but it took our level of fun to a whole 'nother level.

check out for more on the amazing graffiti artists who are livening up long island city (queens, nyc). for more photos from the night, get over to instagram and find me @jennpesce

a special thanks to my fellow jumpers :)


hearts for sandy hook


: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Send a paper heart to the Forget Me Not Foundation (make it as big as you can!). It will be used to create a chain large enough to wrap around the entire Sand Hook Elementary School as a symbol of love and support.

This is my heart.

Send your own so that can be there in time for the December 27th wrapping.  (for anyone overseas who can't mail in a heart, please email your heart to: and it will be printed for you!!!)

The Forget Me Not Foundation
PO Box 3556
Milford, CT 06460

for updates, visit the facebook event page.